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A Deeper Study


Artist residents must commit to a year of study (unless special arrangments are made), and are given a studio space either 100 or 350 square feet, with 12 foot high ceilings. The 100 square foot studios have north light, while the 350 square foot studios are illuminated with color balanced fluorescents (98 CRI).  Students will be responsible for bringing their own equipment.  

While the Artist Residence Program is intended for graduates of The Academy, those outside the program can arrange for a tour and interview to see if it would be a good fit .   Residence arrange a meeting each week with Tim Rees to get special demonstrations, advice, or guidance with work/carreer.  The meeting  is not intended to teach basic concepts such as precision measuring, color mixing, anatomy, etc, but instead help the resident with next level problems and advanced techniques




Cost:                        350 sq ft studio/Two 15 min meetings per week                $500 per month + Utilities ($85)

Residents Remaining:   0 (100sf studios)

                                     0 (350sf studios)

To be put on a waiting list or to receive more information about apprenticeship, please contact  Payment options are available.

Artist Residence

An artist residence is the next step in a classical education after The Academy at Rees Atelier in Arizona. The resident is given a personal studio space, access to the model studio outside of class times (any time outside of 10am-4pm), and a key for 24 hour access to facility to work on independent projects.  Tim Rees visits the studios throughout the week to field questions and offer guidance on all topics, from materials to suggested direction of study to entering the professional market. Residents are often invited to view many additional demonstrations, such as stretching large canvases, building sets, drawing, painting, and more.  The goal is to advance the resident's education while preparing them for a career as a realistic fine artist, giving them a dedicated place of study.

                                   100 sq ft studio/One 15 min meeting per week                  $250 per month (Utilities included)

Portion of resident 350 square foot studio with clean artificial light

Resident 100 square foot studio with north light (space also has 98 CRI artificial fluorescent)

Resident 100 square foot studio with north light (space also has 98 CRI artificial fluorescent)


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