Rees Atelier


Full Time Classical Training                        


Cost of Apprenticeship (13 weeks):                      $1300   +$275 model fee

Dates of Apprentice Terms

2019:     Spring: January 7- April 12

              Summer: May 6 - August 9

              Fall: September 2 - December 13


              Breaks:   Spring: April 13- May 5 / Fall: Aug 10- Sept 1 / Winter: Dec 14 - Jan 5

To register to become an apprentice, contact info@ReesAtelier or call 480-519-1476

Rees Atelier is pleased to roll out its full time program, the Apprenticeship.  While the curriculum and presentation of information falls closely in line with the Academy Program, the full time pathway proceeds at a traditional speed with more study time in the studio.  


Apprentices meet Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm


Students will work from a live model every day from 1pm - 4pm, and poses will range from 1 session (3 hours) to 10 sessions (30 hours), depending on the apprentice's block of study. For this 3 hour block each day, apprentices will be working alongside Tim Rees as he creates his drawings and paintings from the model.


Students will work on their individual block of study from 8am-12:30pm

           Block 1    Bargue Plate Drawing

           Block 2    Cast Drawing

           Block 3    Master Copy Still Life Drawing

           Block 4    Still Life Drawing Drawing

           Block 5    Master Copy Figure Block In Drawing

           Block 6    Anatomy Drawings

           Block 7    Master Copy Portrait Drawing

           Block 8    Portrait Drawing

           Block 9    Master Copy Figure Drawing

           Block 10  Figure Drawing


           Block 11  Open Grisaille Master Copy Still Life/Landscape Painting

           Block 12  Closed Grisaille Master Copy Still Life/Landscape Painting

           Block 13  Closed Grisaille Cast Painting

           Block 14  Color Master Copy Still Life/Landscape Painting

           Block 15  Color Still Life Painting

           Block 16  Master Copy Anatomy Studies Painting

           Block 17  Anatomy Studies Painting

           Block 18  Master Copy Portrait Painting

           Block 19  Portrait Painting

           Block 20  Master copy Figure Painting

           Block 21  Figure Painting

           Block 22  Master copy Multi-Figurative Painting (optional)


           Apprentices must demonstrate sufficient ability in each block before advancing, and there is no set time frame on mastery of each subject.  Traditional study in this approach can take 2-4 years to complete each block.


While apprentices are allotted one flat file space and 1 locker, it is STRONGLY encouraged they apply for the Artist Residence to gain more working space, storage, and 24 hour access to the facility and model studio.





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